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  1. Got my answer from Reddit, but apparently what i missed and the IG people failed to mentioned was the Withholding Tax, Since my stock investments where in the US there was still a 30% Tax on the US side for all Dividends.
  2. Hello folks so i have an ISA account with IG for my dividends investment and it is my only shares account. But for all my Dividend gains a tax amount was cut by IG. Note worthy at this point i did not make more than 2000£ worth of gains from dividends which is the Tax free allowance and i still have 15 000£ leftover from my ISA tax exemption. When i called IG they told me that only real estate dividends fall within the tax-free category. Note thats not mentioned anywhere in the government website, https://www.gov.uk/tax-on-dividends. Should i be taxed as they said as my dividends are not real-estate related or was this a mistake on their part? Thanks for any help!
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