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  1. Hi Sorry, but it's not an issue of trying to look at charts on weekends as I don't even try then. It's the fact that when I log into IG of an evening that charts don't come up. Admittedly I possibly haven't tried for a month or so as I've given up for the time being but was trying a couple of times a week for months and seeing nothing. Frustrating as I would often spend a couple of hours most evenings looking for trades. I'm not saying it is an IG issue as even though I've been able to verify that I have the current version of the flash player as I tried a couple of weeks ago to do
  2. Hi, I'm in Sydney and have been trying for what seems about a month now with not being able to see charts. This followed after a windows update and tried advance settings and resetting adobe flash player numerous times, sometimes rebooting in between but nothing has worked. Had hoped another windows update last week would fix the issue but it hasn't. Have also tried chrome but have the same issue. I work long hours and really don't feel like hanging on the phone with Telstra while they try settings as I have enough problems with them and the internet dropping out etc. Any sugg
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