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  1. Since I own shares of BBBY which are due to be delisted on May 3, 2023 , what will happen with my shares , will I get replacement shares of BBBYQ that I can trade OTC?
  2. Can I only trade options from that preset list? How can I trade options for something like BBBY for example?
  3. I just opened a spread betting account , but under options I only have a pre-set list and no search option.
  4. Compared to any other broker this fee is absolutely ridiculous , especially for small accounts. Is there any page where the fees are stated in detail?
  5. I thought I was going to be charged 10£ only for the first 3 trades then 3% per trade.
  6. Any update on this? Any chance it will be available for trading today? Could you please let me know asap so I have time to change brokers if need be.
  7. When I signed up for the account I was hoping I would have access to the ipo or could buy it at the start(it had an increase of 1150% which I missed out on), thank you for putting in a request to add it.
  8. I just opened a stock trading account and was wondering how I can get access to trading options? And also level 2 live data.
  9. I've just signed up for a new account and wanted to buy megl as soon as it's available for trading. This should have been listed on NASDAQ as of today , but this doesnt seem to be available for trading on your platform yet and was wondering when it will be.
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