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  1. Hi Anda, Thanks for the response. Could I ask you to clarify a few points please so that my understanding is correct: 1) when you say the ETF is not ISA eligible - do you mean specifically the ETFs that I mentioned (IDTG and ZROZ) or do you mean all US Government bond ETFs are not ISA eligible? 2) are you able to share any ETFs linked to US Government bonds that are ISA eligible or point me towards where I can find this out? 3) could you expand a little on what you mean by "we only offer US ETFs to professional traders at this point". What do you mean by US ETFs? Do you mean any/all ETFs specifically linked to US Government bonds (even if they are traded on the FTSE) or does this just include US Government bond ETFs traded in the US, or all US ETFs in general (including those not linked to Gov bonds)? Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to add shares in a US Treasuries ETFs such as iShares IDTG (20 yr +) within a UK Stocks and Shares ISA? The advice I can find online is that it should be possible as long as the ETF is traded on a recognised market such as FTSE, but I do not seem to be able to add IDTG to my stocks and shares ISA portfolio. I'm particularly interested in long maturity US Government bonds - ZROZ would be my preferred option, but again doesn't seem to be possible to add to an ISA.
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