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  1. Hi I recently tried to deposit funds into my share trading account using Wise (formerly known as TransferWise). I had already done it once before, but this time the money was sent back, with no details given. I have double checked the details I entered and they seem to be correct; I also did put my account ID in the transfer reference. The transfer was from a Wise USD account. Is it possible to get more details as to why the transfer did not go through? Should I try again? Thanks
  2. Hi I have just recently opened a new share dealing account (in the UK), and at the moment the funds shows "0 GBP", as expected. No other currencies are shown. I have some USDs in my Wise USD account. My question is: can I transfer the USDs in the Wise account to this share dealing account, receiving USDs? Does it even make sense to? Thanks
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