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  1. Brilliant. Thanks so much. Look forward hearing from them.
  2. Thanks. I think the cut off date may be 20th March (this wednesday) for tender decisions so as to allow time for paperwork etc.
  3. Does anyone else hold shares in IVPU (Invesco Select UK) with IG? IVPU are having a tender offer with record date in little over a week from now. I have to state the quantity of shares I wish to tender. However as yet nothing is showing in my Corporate Actions page in IG. Should I contact IG directly or should I wait a little longer?
  4. My trade has shown up and its ludicrously out of step with all the other trades going through on the stock. There's not been a trade at this price for months! I definitely wont be adding any more cash to my Stocks and Shares ISA until IG get this sorted out.
  5. I got a better price on that stock eventually because it started rising during the day. I've just had to sell another stock at 5% below the quoted bid price despite clearly other investors selling AT the bid price. Just a small amount. £3000 worth. The company in question is an investment trust so its not a small company. I tried the only 2 options available. Quote and limit. Order rejected for Quote and i had to keep lowering the limit price for the Limit option I find it deeply frustrating I'm having to sell out at a significant loss for a tiny amount of shares.
  6. I'm unable to sell even 1000 shares in API online with IG. I get an ORDER REJECTED message. I've tried the other order types and it's basically the same result. With another, slightly more expensive, broker I can sell 50,000 shares online in the same stock no problem. IG is the cheapest online broker. Is this why?
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