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  1. Q1.So does this mean IG will be updating the platform to say £2,000,000 instead of £1,000,000 (see screenshot below) ? Q2. So if the notional is actually £2,000,000, then does mean at the current prevailing price of Bitcoin of $65,000 approx, the max deal size is around $30 per point (i.e. 2,000,000 / 65,000) ?
  2. When I logon to the platform, it says the notional is £1,000,000, not £500,000 see screenshot below. Can you confirm the maximum notional is £1,000,000 ?
  3. "There is a limit of £1,000,000 notional value per client across all cryptocurrencies. Any client with a notional size above this limit is at risk of having their cryptocurrency positions reduced." Dear IG, Q1. At the current price of Bitcoin prevailing around $64,000 approx, does this mean I can only open a position of size around $1.5 per point? As the price of Bitcoin rises, and the notational becomes larger, will IG force close my position? Q2. I would like to open a position at $5 per point in Bitcoin, will I be restricted even though if my account is sufficiency funded? Q3. What is required to overcome any notional value limits, and how can I prevent my position from being force-closed ?
  4. I'm concerned about the following statement... "IG also reserves the right to terminate any CFD contract unilaterally if it considers that the conditions of the contract have been violated." What does this above statement mean? I am concerned if IG reserves the right to force close a long-term profitable position. https://www.ig.com/content/dam/publicsites/igcom/ch/files/ch_en_kids/non_lr/updated_CHE EN Non-Limited Risk Cryptocurrencies.pdf
  5. Q1. If I open a long-term CFD position in a crypto, and ensure my account is sufficiently funded for any potential margin calls, can IG Swiss close my winning position if leave it open and running in profit for a year ? Q2. What are my deal/contract rights on a crypto CFD for a long-term profitable open position ?
  6. Why can't a UK citizen open an IG Switzerland account if they once had an IG Australia account in the past ?
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