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  1. I guess alot of people will be smiling rn having recieved their airdrop allocation some couple of hours ago. ANd with the pretrading price at $2, a lot of those farmers are anticipating huge cash out but let's see what the listing brings!
  2. As testneters and network validators continues to claim their $TKO airdrop allocations today, expectations are high of what this ZK protocols hold for both investors, DeFi users and traders alike. With 10% initial circulation supply, it's expected that FDV might not reflect the true value of the token even as pre-trading price on Bitget and other platform hovers around $2. So what are your expectations as we await the listing soon? By the way, it's quite a season of so many giveaways hoping the bull run of October brings good tidings haha
  3. Yeah, but it has found its bottom already. However, DCA is always the best line of action when investing in any crypto assets
  4. There are some low cap gems with low market cap with potentials to grow 10x or even more depending on adoption and ecosystem adoption. Some have made remarkable ROI these past few months like BGB, ARB and TIA
  5. I did buy ORDI on Bitget when it was $12 and held it till it reached $87 prior to the last bull some few months back. It has made some remarkable retracement suitable for dip accumulation but I'll rather suggest a DCA
  6. That's an inspiring story; for a project to that almost got rugged now getting back to attracting investments and possible adoption, that's a huge positive. I did participate in the MON missions tho and we're still waiting for modalities of the airdrop distribution for missioners.
  7. My understanding of staking APR is; when users lock their tokens for a certain period of time, these tokens are drained into providing liquidity for the market for traders to trade which will eventually generate more income for the exchange through trading fees. Also, part of these staked assets can be used to provide LP on web 3 wallets and DEX where borrowers can access using collateral that would be inturn used to provide liquidity on the exchange and generate more income too.
  8. Bitcoin halving has historically been the benchmark for market uptrend. Another interesting thing that accompanied this year's halving is the emergence of more Bitcoin L2 and Bitcoin network Defi protocols seeking to boost more investment in the Bitcoin network
  9. Hmmm.. it's that time of the year again when trading competitions are forked out across different exchanges to reward traders who are committed to making the right calls during market swings. From experience, KCGI and other trading competitions seems to favour or suits futures traders more often
  10. But PEPE seems to be leading the race today tho. But a lot of memecoin enthusiast are really waiting for what NOT will perform cos of its seemingly huge popularity and attention it has attracted prompting the likes of Binance, Okx and Bitget to roll out several events for it even before listing
  11. I think we should brace ourselves for the Ethereum ecosystem bull run as the much-hyped Dencun upgrade, initially slated for earlier, is now making its grand entrance in March 2024. Analysts are buzzing with excitement, foreseeing Ethereum (ETH) and its ecosystem projects stepping into the spotlight as the main actors of the next bullish surge. If all goes according to plan, this upgrade could unleash the full potential of the Ethereum ecosystem. Just a month ago, the Total Value Locked (TVL) in most Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) protocols skyrocketed to all-time highs, with Optimism, Arbitrum, and Metis leading the charge. Following this surge came a wave of gaming projects flocking to the chain, banking on Ethereum to revolutionize gaming experiences and slash those pesky transaction fees. The ETH price action is sending vibes reminiscent of Bitcoin’s pre-ETF era. As we eagerly await the potential approval of an ETH spot ETF in May, the “Decun” upgrade emerges as another game-changer. Analysts draw parallels between the impact of this upgrade on ETH and the transformative “Fire-Dancer” upgrade on SOL (Solana). In anticipation of these game-changing events, we’re witnessing a flurry of activity, with more L2 and gaming projects sprouting up on the Ethereum chain. OKX is already test-driving a promising L2 chain dubbed X1, while Bitget contemplates building a blockchain to amplify the utility of its Ethereum-based token, BGB. Not to be left behind, Binance has seamlessly integrated Optimism into its smart chain with opBNB. In just one whirlwind month, a plethora of Ethereum-based projects have burst onto the scene, boasting impressive price actions upon listing—think STRK, MAVIA, NADA, ASTO, and the list goes on. With ETH soaring above $3k and the charts painting a picture-perfect bull trend (even the likes of OP and ARB notching up multiple all-time highs), it’s time to ask: What are your expectations? Do you believe in the staying power of these new projects, or are they just fleeting sparks in the crypto cosmos? Strap in, folks, because the ride is just getting started!
  12. Copy trading in its present form might be a bit too simplified but still lack some user-friendly ingredient like having the option to explore multiple elite traders in one pool of fund. If there's a tweak in this direction, I think copy-trading might become the crypto-trading innovation for some time.
  13. If there's any true revolution to financial transaction, it is DeFi which are mostly built on smart contracts and easy to use with fast transaction timeline and no bottlenecks. Reading about this project reinstate my hope in the potential of the DeFi system
  14. If you are involved with exchanges, you will realize that there are several ways these entitiies reward their users like extraordinary staking APY, rewards on first deposit/transaction, learn2earn, candybomb and a whole lot of others depending on the exchange though.
  15. Well, airdrops season are always a prelude to a bull run per history books. It's interesting to see major airdrops of this season emanating from testnet participation, NFT mintings and community participation though ALT is now fast becoming more relevant have earmarked that much of their token distribution to community airdrop.
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