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  1. Web3 wallets have reinstated asset control to crypto enthusiasts, causing a paradigm shift from the regular central authority exerted by traditional exchanges. Web3 Wallets like Bitget Wallet has taken a step further to raise the security standard, ease of use, and overall user experience. Following the swift expansion and adoption of Bitget Wallet ecosystem, and in the spirit of celebrating its 6th year anniversary, the team has launched an exclusive Merch giveaway. This opportunity opens up as one of the exciting opportunities available on the Wallet, and only requires simple task participation to be eligible: • Follow the official Bitget Wallet X account @BitgetWallet • RT + comment #BitgetWallet6Years • Give insightful feedback about Bitget Wallet and stand a chance to win Bitget exclusive merch like T-shirt, Cap, Hoodie and Wristband • Fill in the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2vHpF8sg-f4putq-suYxSRpGVhxce3EXHKZy3D1Kf0ejRDQ/viewform?usp=send_form This event lasts from May 18th 16:00 – May 21st 18:00 (UTC +8) Guys be sure not to be left out!
  2. Crypto expansion has extended its use to exceed just trading with an exchange. As DAOs and NFTs spread, communication needs through blockchain-based, wallet-connected platforms become evident. While a few crypto-native messaging platforms have been introduced to attend to the growing number of crypto users, it has become clear that they need to come up with a smarter competition strategy if they want to survive–Enter iMe Lab. iMe Lab has been designed as a native messaging smart platform powered by Telegram with Crypto Wallet and DeFi tools. It facilitates seamless connection and communication between mainstream and crypto communities, and prides itself as the first to integrate DeFi functionality into its messaging platform. iMe Lab boasts of various products and features that empower Telegram users through DeFi functions include a buzzing Marketplace, DAO, Metaverse platform, Avatar system and more. It has also secured high-profile collaborations and gearing to have its native token $LIME list on Bitget on May 13, 2024. Do you think iMe Lab innovations can send Web3 social dapp to the next level?
  3. Traditional staking allows participants to stake assets, and lock them up for fixed periods while they accrue yields for the duration of the stakes. While this may sound great, the fixed locks mean that participants are unable to react to any unpleasant circumstances early enough. Realising this challenge, Bitget has introduced PoolX to deliver flexible staking option, one that allows users to redeem their staked assets from a staking pool whenever they desire. A flexibility that allows users to earn staking rewards without sacrificing liquidity considering that PoolX generate hourly returns. Having earned the trust of users through the juicy APY Bitget Launchpools offer– ZKF and ENA for instance delivered an incredible 329% and 241% APY for a 2 day and 10 day farming period respectively; it is left to be seen if the newly launced PoolX can replicate such yields. One thing for sure, PoolX is on a mission to redefine the token farming experience with its flexibility and profitability. How excited are you with this product?
  4. The nascent state of Base network makes it possible for projects to gain exposure before they go mainstream– an attraction for investors who are eager to spot early gems. While exploring the possibilities that abound in this growing network, I got wind of Katt Daddy, a fast-growing memecoin designed to integrate humor and edgy themes into the digital currency space, inspired by a character popular for his diverse experiences. Katt Daddy is aimed at making a positive impact while also poking fun at societal norms, and to reform the status quo of holy weird, champion masculinity for generations to come, bloat community’s wallet to be too fat to sit on–something that has been an attraction for the fast growing community. Powered by Tokattnomics and has a total supply of 1 billion, it will be great to see how $KATT grows overtime now that it is gaining significant exposure on Bitget with more pending listings.
  5. AI x blockchain intersection has immense potential to transform the digital landscape. While both technologies have significant impacts individually, their union has opened up new possibilities in various sectors, delivering varieties of exciting use cases. Tapping from this collaboration that posseses boundless possibilities, GptVerse has been launched to offer AI tools that transform the way users engage, learn, generate revenue, and transact within a virtual ecosystem. Navigating GptVerse, one instantly notices the wealth of AI tools that have been designed to improve the quality of life. For instance AI Education Language Tutor allows for any language learning, proficiency level assessment, and conversational skills enhancement through interactive chats. Furthermore, AI Fitness Coach assists you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and fitness through AI Hub and Multiverse platforms. While other tools like AI Persona, AI Receptionist, Multi-PDF Chatbot all contribute to ensuring users explore a connected world of limitless innovation. Shrinking the exciting features of GptVerse into this post would be near-impossible however, possessing its utility token, $GPTV unlocks a wide range of services and privileges across the platform. Which is why the scheduled 30th Apr listing on Bitget has me stoked. Are you looking forward to the impartation this AI x Blockchain combo will have in your life?
  6. The emergence of Play to Earn model in the gaming sector has significantly redefined community engagement and social interaction within games. This transformation does not just change how players earn from gaming but their interaction with each other. With more innovations now injected into the industry, the team of Undeads has been inspired to design it as a multiplayer MMORPG game with vast income producing mechanics to facilitate seamless interaction and passive income generation. A thrilling zombie fight gameplay, Undeads incorporates other fascinating activities ranging from NFT Dogs Racing to VR RC Racing, Fishing, Bowling, Shooting Gallery and so on. As an MMORPG enthusiast, accessing the entire features of Undeads ecosystem is high on my wishlist and with the availability of the governance token $UDS on Bitget on 30th April, I’m sure to explore the chances of accumulating it. Do you think Undeads has what it takes to carve a niche in the highly competitive gaming industry?
  7. It is a consensus that Web3 wallets offer users whole control over their assets, ensure protection against unauthorized access, deliver seamless access to the growing world of blockchain services and more. However one quality that many participants are yet to tap fully is the earning opportunities they unlock. So in my exploration to access those juicy opportunities, I’ve discovered quite a few on Bitget wallet. Earned good rewards from the previous ZETA airdrop, and now in line with offering an unparalleled rewarding trading experience in Web3, Bitget Wallet has launched a massive airdrop for its ecosystem token BWB. Scheduled to last from March 18 to April 28, participants are invited to download Bitget Wallet app on their devices and claim BWB by participating in events through the app—the more tasks completed, the more points you gain. I just think that considering that 164m BWB points have already been issued over the period of 5 weeks, with one more week to go, no better time to hop on this opportunity than now especially with a welcome bonus of 50 $BWB points up for grabs!
  8. The fragmentation brought on by rollups is the most significant threat to Ethereum. Rollups are becoming increasingly popular, which is splitting Ethereum users and their funds into siloed ecosystems, weakening the network’s overall impact as a result. Omni's mission is to resolve this by combining every rollup into a unified, interoperable network. Built for optimal security, Omni establishes a novel kind of high performance blockchain using restaking. By utilising Ethereum's security features along with a speed-optimized chain, the network is enabled to function as the integration infrastructure for the whole rollup ecosystem. Its innovative architecture grants developers access to a new design space, enabling them to create global apps across all rollups that benefit from fundamental economic advantages. At the platform’s DAO and PoS mechanism lies the native $OMNI token, designed to grant access to decentralized voting, pay fees, and reward node runners within the network. OMNI holders will also enjoy other utilities as the Protocol matures including governance decisions such as network upgrades and launch of new developer features. $Omni boasts of key highlights such as low inflation rate, relatively low Initial Market Cap/Fully Diluted Valuation ratio etc. Could this culminate in an impressive rally when listing goes live on Bitget on 17th April,12:00 UTC?
  9. Since the previously traditional practices of the art industry are being reformed, transparency has become the watchword of the art market. The art world as a whole, comprising buyers, collectors, and artists, have called for increased transparency and accountability. Artrade aims to champion this shift by harnessing the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology to fortify every transaction. Known to promote decentralization, the team of Artrade hopes to leverage on this core blockchain feature to eradicate intermediaries, streamlining the exchange process as a result, and eliminating vulnerabilities linked to third party involvement. Also leveraging on Blockchain transparency and auditability, Artrade will look to offer participants a crystal view of the market’s transactions, instilling trust among buyers and sellers and making the art world more equitable and accessible. Where liquidity had been an issue, Artrade’s innovative integration of NFT technology will profer solution by facilitating direct and secure transactions between participants, paving the way for a seamless exchange and liquidity boost. Establishing a mechanism for community-driven decision-making is the integration of Artrade utility token $ATR which is set to list on Bitget, and will engage holders in the project’s success and governance. Transparency in the art world helps to promote ethical and fair transactions, raise trust and confidence, and tackle issues such as fraud and money laundering. The ideal solution to the transparency challenges in the art world?
  10. Everyone dreams the good life, live in the best houses, own the fast cars...or at least afford the basic things money can buy almost effortlessly. The problem though is the good things in life aren’t served on a platter, only the daring come atop. Imagine a meme token, RichQuack, designed as a fun way to mock those people who rely entirely on luck, other people, or even destiny to serve them everything in life! Being a community-driven meme, RichQuack community is charged with one common goal of spreading the good voice of the project, hustle and push QUACK to attain great heights. Underscoring hardwork, persistence, etc as the prerequisite for life’s success. With over 120,000 onchain holders, and growing community members, QUACK seems to be gaining huge momentum. Looking at the flurry of utilities the token posseses including, community voting, staking, launchpad, and more, it could be set for widespread adoption especially with listing scheduled for Bitget on 12th April, where further exposure looks certain. Another meme gearing to print?
  11. Despite the uncertainties in the cryptocurrency and NFT sectors, Solana (SOL) NFTs are fast-rising in popularity, standing as one of the top three blockchains in NFT sales volume. This could be connected with the fact that it is one of the quickest and cheapest places to mint NFTs. Tensor, being the largest NFT marketplace on Solana has benefitted greatly from this growing interest, with the majority of Solana NFT volume occurring on its marketplace protocols on daily basis. Having launched in July 2022, Tensor’s rise to dominance has been swift, appearing to be the go-to SOL NFT marketplace for both collectors and traders, largely because it offers the widest coverage of the newest NFT projects on Solana. Other core features of Tensor, including decentralized governance, speed & scalability, interoperability, community-driven are also users’ attractions, along with its powerful token $TNSR which grants holders varying exclusive rights and access to the ecosystem’s features. The growing trading vol of the token since listing on Bitget might be another indication of Tensor’s growing relevance. Does Tensor NFT marketplace tick your boxes?
  12. Q1 2024 has produced nothing short of fireworks in the crypto market with Bitcoin experiencing an impressive upsurge going into the next halving. Ethereum and other alts have also maintained bullish trends, particularly AI, Gaming and memecoins. Fueling a positive market sentiment that has attracted investors and newbies, and fascilitating the industry's further expansion. Expectedly several exchanges have benefitted from this bullish market to amass more engagements and grow their userbase. However Bitget’s all round growth has been quite exceptional, evidently leading by a landslide in the chart for the top 10 CEXs by Spot trading vol growth in Q1 2024. While many factors might have contributed to this growth, Bitget’s diversity is a valid selling point, having expanded its offerings by introducing 39 new tokens to its platform, propelling traders’ interests and activities. The exchange’s top five performers in Q1 2024 have all recorded significant gains, each exceeding 1000%, while QnA3.AI ($GPT) and Pixels (PIXEL) soared by more than 5000%. This has further accentuated the team’s proficiency in listing early gems and solidified traders' confidence when investing. It is perceived that crypto exchanges play a vital role in deciding traders’ success levels. If this is true then, traders are always going to flock exchanges where they are convinced they’d acess early gems and yield significant returns. This perhaps might be the ideal explanation for the exponential growths by these exchanges. Do you share the same sentiment when you trade?
  13. Web3 is shifting our interactions with the Internet towards an enhanced and independent experience, making the web smarter, safer, and more transparent, allowing for more efficient navigation and Ai interaction. If you ever wished there were more interesting versions of yourself experiencing different social interactions in parallel worlds, but lack the resources to effect them, the infinite nature of Web3 + AI wrapped in ChatAi might be able to help actualize your dreams. ChatAi, a social application promises a new era of social interactions powered by Ai. Users would be able to access personalized experience, virtual reality and augmented reality, intelligent interactions, and also experience AIs shared by other users. Compared to traditional social media, ChatAI can provide users with more interesting and personalized social services, simplifying their interactions with others. It also incorporates a governance token $CHATAI which is set to launch on Bitget on 8th April, with a stake to earn campaign launched on the exchange. Could ChatAI fulfil its promise of ushering users into the world of endless possibilities?
  14. Gaming industry has maintained a steady growth with the blockchain integration allowing participants to freely access the immense potentials of the industry. Following the growing demand for next-generation gaming, the team of GAIMIN has come up with a robust infrastructure to pave the way to Web3 gaming. GAIMIN adopts an innovative and unique approach that will be beneficial for gamers, developers and stakeholders and is aimed at reaching the very apex of the increasingly competitive sector, and is charged with the goal of connecting the vast and continually more powerful, underutilized supply of the global gaming community's GPU processing power with the increasing demand for massive data processing power. GAIMIN looks to harness this unused gamer processing power and reward participants immensely for their participation in gaimin. cloud (the decentralized distributed data processing network of Gaimin). Rewards are usually in the form of GAIMIN’s native cryptocurrency, GMRX, which is set to list on Bitget on 3rd April, 11:00 UTC. Gamers are the core reason the gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries, seeing innovative approach like GAIMIN’s to incentivize and empower participants reassures us about the future growth of the industry. Your take?
  15. While DeFi posseses many uses, perhaps the most widely adopted thus far has been protocol-specific money markets. Decentralized money markets enables users to borrow, lend, and stake crypto assets when they provide liquidity to the protocol through different types of collectivized liquidity pools. This may sound pretty straightforward, however it's faced with certain limitations–most notably, the current lending protocols require excessive collaterization with crypto, preventing many borrowers from participating. With the goal of proffering solutions to the aforementioned challenge, Goldfinch has been designed with the principle of "trust through concensus", one that will permit borrowers to pass creditworthiness test based on other participants' assessment as against the typical crypto collateral demands. Goldfinch Protocol has been designed with various core components including Auditors, Backers, Borrowers, Borrowers Pool, Liquidity Providers, etc. each playing their distinctive roles. Also worthy of note is the native token $GFI powering the ecosystem with its vast usecases including governance, Auditors staking, early backer rewards amongst others. Having launched on Bitget, the token's appreciating value and the campaigns launched on the CEX in tandem with the listing has unlocked opportunities for Goldfinch community. By simplifying lending/borrowing, Goldfinch I'd say is living DeFi very essence of allowing users perform financial transactions unrestricted, seamlessly and more productively.
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