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  1. If you've tried using Ethereum, you know it can get slow and expensive. Think of Starknet as a helper that makes everything faster and cheaper. It does this by taking a bunch of transactions, squishing them into one, and then processing that one. This means more transactions can happen at once without clogging up the system. For people making apps on the blockchain (they call these dApps), Starknet is like a dream come true because it lets their apps handle a lot more users without slowing down. It also gives them the freedom to make their apps work just how they want, making things better for users. When it comes to making money, Starknet charges fees to use its network and lets people 'stake' their coins – that's like putting your money in a savings account that helps the network run, and you get a little reward for that. So, what do you think about Starknet? It's all about helping Ethereum handle more action without any hassle. Could be a big deal for how we use digital money, right?
  2. It is a cycle in the crypto space because of the volatile nature of the market and how events vary in their impacts, as they control the market at different times and seasons of the year. Isn't the token listed on Bitget as I've so far? and I do hope to see that bullish rally again as it has been the talk of the internet lately, but I don't really know much about these tokens but I will look into them, fingers crossed and I hope I'd be a winner one day in these events.
  3. You're right, this whole GameFi thing is getting wild. Seeing MAVIA blow up like that makes me wanna find the next big winner, and PIXEL sounds kinda cool. It's on the same blockchain as Axie, which is a good start, and I like the whole farming/exploring vibe. Plus, having Opensea backing it is huge. Easy to get caught up wanting the next MAVIA, but gotta see what makes PIXEL its own thing, right? Definitely gonna dig deeper – need to figure out what those tokens actually do and how the game makes money. GameFi can be super risky, so gotta be smart, not just jump in when it's hyped. PIXEL might be worth it, but I'm gonna do my homework first.
  4. This whole ERC-404 thing is getting interesting. PANDORA went nuts when it launched, even though the price has settled down a bit since. It shows how these new tokens can be, but also how unpredictable. The high gas fees on Ethereum are a worry, though. I found this project called Dancing Beans ($BEANS) – it's another ERC-404 token but hasn't hit the big tracking sites yet. There's a bit of a buzz about it, and I'm wondering if it could be the next big thing. Obviously, if it got listed on a major exchange like Bitget, that would be huge for the project
  5. This is so exciting. I'm a big believer in the potential of blockchain gaming. It's awesome to see games like Pixels leading the way, making the experience fun, social, and potentially rewarding my friend even referred me to trade it on Bitget, found out that early community growth is a very positive sign. It feels like we're just scratching the surface of what's possible – I can't wait to see how this space evolves.
  6. It's good to see you're doing your homework asking the right kind of questions as touching what to look out for. I'll give some, while you make your final decision. What I usually look out for is the project's team, I ensure I read about them and their reputation, if they're unknown, then it's a red flag for me. I check their website, roadmaps and white paper to see their plans, if it's not a copy and paste of another project before I check their community to see if it's active or full of bots, real projects have good marketing plans and so will have humans there. CEX listings like on Bitget you mentioned or Binance too is good, because some only want to extort the community members. So if you check these parameters and it's all good, you should know what to do.
  7. I have two major trading styles I often use for my trades. First one I learnt when I started crypto was spot trade to buy and Hold some coins, mostly for the long term and if I need to do some short term trades, I use copy trading on Bitget and it has been helpful, especially when the market is ranging. I'd have tried some DEX bounties but the gas fee looks too much for me. What are your indicators?
  8. As an active hunter for airdrops, I was making my research to see what I can participate in to win airdrops, $5 for free. I used my usual parameters and fortunately I came across an event that I could have participated in but I'm not from the region, so I felt I could share it with the community for those from South Asia. If you're from South Asia or know Someone from there, you can participate
  9. Given the financial links between the blockchain and the banking industry, it is clear that the cryptocurrency space is adopting banking industry characteristics that are common to the typical user's daily life. It all started with the P2P transaction feature, which has experienced a lot of development and adoption, particularly on large platforms providing crypto services. This feature allows users to safely swap cryptocurrency for money. Due to the cryptocurrency's constant growth, exchanges like Bitget are now raising the stakes by launching the Bitget Card, which will let users spend cryptocurrency using a card at ATMs and make purchases online, imagine the privacy you'll have in controlling how you spend your funds compared to the traditional way. In my opinion, developments like this are a pointer that these exchanges are walking to becoming a part of our lives to make it much smarter and easier as we go about our daily living. How do you see this impacting an average user?
  10. I like how XPET helps virtual pet ownership with blockchain integration. BPET is also a strategic token and it plays a central role in enhancing the gaming experience, by offering users diverse avenues to earn and engage within the virtual pet platform. With the high 24-hour trading volume, I believe the listing will help traders make the best from this.
  11. When you think of artificial intelligence, you probably recall about HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, or tools like Siri, Cortana and Google Now, Google assistant etc. I don't think they can be taken out anymore. I enjoy playing games, mario and the likes. What has intrigued me here is earning from this AI token, a new development old folks like us need to learn more about, I'll check it out.
  12. While browsing Bitget's most recent postings, I came across Jito Network, a latest development in the Solana ecosystem. Their liquid staking pool, JitoSOL, allows you to exchange your SOL for JitoSOL, I discovered. It's cool, huh? Staking allows for the possibility of generating dividends while still maintaining SOL liquidity. They further enhance the offer by splitting the transaction revenue from Solana's Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) extraction. Though it may sound technical, MEV is simply the process of seizing opportunities for profit through astute transaction execution. The MEV magic can be described as a trading race that is started by a large exchange. It's also seen that the Jito Foundation are taking things to the next level. They've created an open-source validator client to tackle the challenges of MEV. They're all about transparency and minimizing the not-so-cool impacts of MEV. They've also got big plans, allocating chunks of tokens for community growth, ecosystem development, core contributors, and investors. Now, let's get real and dive into the juicy part – what do you think about all this? How do you see JTO tokens shaping the Jito Network's future? Are you excited about the potential or maybe have some concerns? Let's stir up a conversation. Drop your thoughts below and let's unpack the possibilities together. Jito's trending, and your take on it could be the missing piece to this crypto puzzle.
  13. Conducting research recently and checking through crypto journal handles, I came across centralised exchanges ranked based on the number of visitors on the website alone(not including the app). For users seeking information, higher ranking websites are perceived as more relevant and trustworthy, they can be more helpful for comparing products and services and higher ranking websites can also be seen as offering a better user experience. Following the recent occurrence with the top ranking exchange on the list, it simply shows that this parameter can't tell everything about centralised exchanges and how well they handle regulations in different parts of the world. This is why I'd suggest exchange with regulation compliances and the most important needs like simple UI, low trading fee and good features like copy trading, because they are the most important things traders need to have good success.
  14. Bitget must have seen the star in Messi before the world cup commenced and went for him as an ambassador to showcase their excellence of service. I've been using the platform for a while now and I can say they've been trying a whole lot, from the Launchpad to CandyBomb and also their native token BGB went well what I think they should improve on is the p2p marketplace where they can make more coins available for trades.
  15. Though I'm not sure why, Binance purposefully chose not to comply with US financial requirements in order to maintain operations. I'm sure they took note of this and, going forward, other exchanges should also take note and take appropriate action to steer clear of stories that require attention. There are still some excellent exchanges available, such as Bitget, which people noted in their remark. If you've observed, they typically comply with regulatory requirements. Their management must really care about their clients since they go above and beyond to establish a reputation, and as such, they are commendable.
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