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  1. Since I cannot trade the S&P 500 24 hours per day I am moving to Forex. It took some time to find the trading edge since price reacts defriend then S&P but I think I got it. Here is a beautiful trade and my 20pips in half hour.
  2. Its 6:50PM Over hour ago I went long on S&P500 at 4472 fishing for my 20 pips
  3. Again and again 20pips last night .Long trade.
  4. Can I open account in UK so I can trade CFDs ?
  5. Last night went short on S&P 500 Index, got up this morning to fide out it was on other beautiful trade on OANDAs free charts. If I can only find out how to trade real money,
  6. Will OANDA offer what I ask for ?
  7. Which broker has a platform where I can trade S&P 500 24/7?
  8. Hallo Is it possible to trade S&P500 24hours per day ? Jerry
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