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  1. By the way, everyone is seeing this, not just me, so phoning you up is irrelevant. I suspect it's your link to AIM and ever since the recent LSE AIM issues, your platform switches to phone only several times a day for AIM stocks.
  2. And again! Several times a day now, I'm unable to trade online for all my stocks other than RR and MARU. I presume it's AIM who you're platform can;t keep a reliable connection to. This is an issue with your platform, not just chance reason. It's across all stocks other than Aquis and FTSE main board.
  3. This is getting very annoying now. Most of my portfolio does this several times a day now, which has caught me out with plummeting shares recently. Once in a while is acceptable, but several times a day over the last week or so, is a serious problem and needs resolving. Aquis and LSE seem OK, maybe it's just AIM stocks, but it never used to do this weekly, let alone daily.
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