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  1. @CharlotteIG this is very interesting and important the way this is structured. What happens when you select an order level for the same price as the closing/current market price ? I assume that this will act as a Limit Order ? I assume then it's more prudent to set a Limit Order. Also should this read: Buy Stop order - When you open a long order higher level than the closing/ current market price. We will only open your position when the market goes up to the order level you selected or higher.
  2. Hi Guys, I want to know how best I can set the price level on an Equity CFD order to buy/sell the night before the market opens the next day. If for example I think that the CFD will increase in price tomorrow, is it best to set the Price level slightly above the current day market close price ? Or should I set it at the current day's close price. In my example attached, as the current close price is £499.5 and I think the price will increase tomorrow: 1. I set the price level at 499.06 ? 2. Or, set the price level at 499.05 ? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, Slippage is affecting my profits and I want to know how/if the Limit function when placing the order can prevent this. I place my CFD orders the evening before and always have a stop in place. For example, if I place an order for a CFD which I expect will increase: - Current price - £100 - Strike Price - £100.01 - Stop - £2 - Order Level - 100 - Limit - £0.1 By placing a Limit of £0.1 would this prevent the slippage from exceeding £0.1 when entering the CFD ?
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