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  1. No, MT4 by itself cannot handle stops that are specifically triggered based on "if bid" or "if offered" conditions. Here's why: Market vs. Limit Orders: MT4 works with traditional order types like market orders and limit orders. Market orders are filled at the best available price (bid for short positions, ask for long positions), while limit orders specify a price at which you want the order to be filled or not filled at all. Order Book Dynamics: The "bid" and "ask" prices you see represent the current highest buy price (bid) and the lowest sell price (ask) in the order book. These prices are constantly changing as new orders come in and existing orders are filled. And if you want to relax while playing games and need any help, you can contact here https://boosthive.eu/)
  2. oh thank you, as a complete beginner it was interesting + useful! https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/price-change.asp can i read this site and take it as the truth?
  3. i would like to start investing, i have some thousands of dollars. so is there any detailed guide from 0 for dummies, on youtube or here on the forum? to start understanding everything
  4. Hi, i`m new here too!
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