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  1. HI @KoketsoIG Thanks for your response. I've never had the message before and then in quick succession I had it twice.. It seems that it was pure coincidence that this happened and is nothing to do with my account. Could you confirm that, please? Is this more likely to happen in a morning when the markets open? This still leaves me with the concern that I can't manage my bet whilst it is active and could be at financial risk as a result. Is it the case that once an order has been referred to dealers it stays there, or can it come back to a state where it is adjustable by me? Philip
  2. Hi I had a spread bet on this morning and was adjusting the Stop value (which I've never had a problem with before) when I received the message in the attached file. It was quite alarming as I was adjusting my exposure to a lower value. I was concerned that the new value had not become effective, and I would be at a higher risk, so I closed the bet off. I thought it was a glitch, but it did it again with my next bet. I called the IG helpdesk but it wasn't clear to me what the agent was saying, apart from something to do with referring the bet to some internal IG team and hedging their position. She suggested that I could call during a live bet to speak to them about the bet but my concern with that is that I could have been stopped out before resolving the matter. Given this happened on two successive bets, I was concerned it was something to do with my account, but the agent says that's not the case. I'm now awaiting an explanatory email but thought I'd also ask the community. Can anyone explain this to me in simple terms? Thanks.
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