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  1. I’m struggling to get any meaningful information from the help desk on the process for the Burford Capital election as part of the dual listing(currently justAIM) on to the US tick market on 17/10. What action do we need to take as holders of the stock within an ISA and will there be any point during days before that I won’t be able to trade whilst changes being made
  2. Im trying to verify when a RNS should be issued if a fund reduces or increase its holding in an AIM company (Burford Capital). Are there some parameters i can use to workout when these should be issued? e.g % holdings over x or reduction in current holdings by y . Also is the responsibility of Burford to update RNS or the fund making the change that triggers the set parameters.
  3. Can you find out what the most popular trades are on IG?
  4. Hi, can anyone advise how premarket trading works for FTSE & US markets. E.g can I and if so how & do I go about it to ensure getting them ASAP when market opens.
  5. Hi, i’ve just opened an IG share account and purchased some individual shares. I just remember i haven’t used this years ISA allowance so wanted to see if i can put them into an ISA without selling and rebuying. Is this possible and if so how? Thanks Sean
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