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  1. Once the data feed reestablishes itself the historical data is filled in, obviously it's most noticeable if you are trading the lowest timeframes where, like just now, at 14:29 I am watching the S&P500 and get 8 straight minutes of no data during the open. My own connection is fine, I even opened the IG web platform and could see the price updates, but MT4's data feed was dead. I have seen this happen multiple times this week alone, just wanted to know if this is something that IG knows about and whether is being investigated?
  2. Is there are known issue with the MT4 data feeds recently? Multiple times the feed has just been freezing... just today, 1 minute before the US open I have an EIGHT MINUTE gap in data. I have tried switching to alternative data centers to no avail... is this a known issue and is it being dealt with?
  3. Just to revisit this one month on... There still appears to be no way of accessing this program, either from inside the platform or via the website, for those that are not logged in the moment it goes live (i.e. when a link appears in notifications, which is then rapidly scrolled off the bottom) I find it a great shame that this content is so poorly accessible. Are there plans to give us a link to past broadcasts any time soon?
  4. Thanks for the reply, glad to hear it's not vanishing completely. Hopefully some way to watch past broadcasts will be added for those who are not able to catch it live.
  5. Have they axed IG Live's "Charting the Markets" program? Or just buried the link some place else...?
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