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  1. The 'short squeeze' that happened on IG around ten minutes ago but didn't exist at all on any of the real crypto exchanges is pure ****. These guys just ran stops on their own clients with this made up ****.
  2. Bitmex has a nice option to make stop orders reduce only. I haven't noticed this in IG, so if I say, close my position but forget my stop order will it trigger and give me a position I don't want?
  3. I have the un eviable position of having a limited risk account (why the **** do these exist anyway?), so my bitcoin minimum stop is very high. IG, can't you make manual stop orders reduce existing margin?
  4. I absolutely sympathize. I sold my bitcoins at what I thought was a daily high and was right. Later I realised I was actually wrong because now I couldn't buy back and have missed on later gains. Unfortunately their competition is unacceptable too. IG is still better than *****oro and premium500
  5. Can't long, only short and that's 90% of the time. I may as well buy the real thing and HODL because that's all this broker can do right now. Can't swing trade because you never know when you can long again Can't do anything intra-day because you never know when you can long IG = HODL only. Also can't short when very volatile because I don't know. Can we get like a net position limit per customer? James, you probably have 60% + of your bitcoin positions being long term HODLers who don't care about overnight interest rates. That isn't trading, they can head to local bitcoins with an envelope of cash under the table.
  6. We need to calm down guys. They probably should have sent an email saying they were going to close all positions and reopen them later. Still they have sent an email saying they will #1 Open bitcoin gold, so why would they close all our positions including bitcoin gold? #2 They are consolidating their crypto positions and getting rid of the big and the mini contract.
  7. Hi James Is it possible to reduce the size of the minimum mini bitcoin contract to something like 0.025. The price has exploded recently and Id prefer a smaller sized position given the volatility.
  8. When in the world will bitcoin gold be dealable? Plus 500 have had it for months but IG keep making excuses. We will have BTG at 0 when they let us deal.
  9. James, why is trading in cryptos frozen sometimes? What if want to liquidate a position and its low volume?
  10. Why is there such a large divergence between the major exchanges and the IG price? Also the spread is huge and is literally changing every few minutes Will we get a lower minimum contract size on the mini?