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  1. Yes, I understand that the direct share holding is held in a separate account to the CFD account. If the only shareholding I had in my direct share account was CBA shares can I use the collateral value on that holding to purchase CFD's in CBA. Yes or No? I am referring to the following link: My IG > Live Accounts > Set Up Collateral > See our collateral FAQ and examples > Shares List (half way down the page) I have attached a snapshot of the link and the error message I receive when trying to open the link Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I specifically want to know if the collateral of a direct share holding can be used to cover the margin requirements of a CFD in the same share. Also, is there a list of Australian shares showing the current collateral value of each? The link provided on the Collateral page in MYIG does not open for me
  3. As a Pro client can collateral used from a direct share holding be used to cover initial margin requirements on the same CFD share? EG. If I own $100,000 CBA shares could I use the collateral on that holding to buy CBA CFD's?
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