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  1. What is this charge for? I invest once per year in long term investments that I therefore don't need to change. I'm charged a commission for that. I only invest using my ISA allowance, so don't qualify for any exceptions. What is costing IG money in the maintenance of my account? Thinking of pulling out completely and using another broker.
  2. Checking my positions today I discovered that my Alibaba position was cashed in last October. I had no notification of this so it's very disappointing news. As this is an ISA investment does that mean that I lose that allowance from that year? i.e. I can't now reinvest taking advantage of the ISA status. Thank you
  3. Hi. I have an ISA stocks and shares account with IG opened in 2018 in which I bought shares in the 2017-18 financial year. Am I correct in thinking that shares that I buy in the 2018-19 financial year, using that same account, is the correct way to be purchasing those shares. ie I don't need to set up separate stocks and shares ISA accounts every year to be compliant with ISA regulations. Many thanks
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