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  1. Yep. Issues with Equity and Margin not displaying properly. Also no other numbers work unless refreshed manually.
  2. Mostly due to upcoming (within ~10 mins) major economic news like NON FARM PAYROLL. Then they last another 5-15 mins depending on volatility, as this kind of news can swing a market big time. Google "economic forex calendar" to understand what's coming up ahead.
  3. I understand it is: (trade size * market closing price) * (2.5% + Libor/365) For example, the Dow Jones with a $2 CFD and assuming the LIBOR rate is 0.7% : (2 * 25100) * (2.5%+0.7%/365) Am I correct in saying that 2.5% + 0.7% is written in this equation as 0.032 to represent 3.2% like so: (2 * 25100) * (0.032/365) Or is it meant to be: (2 * 25100) * (3.2/365)? It's the difference between $4.47 and $447 - I just want to double check I got this right, even if >$400 seems obscenely high.
  4. Please consider adding the VWAP indicator to the platform. I see it's used in Pro Realtime / Meta trader, but for some reason not on the main web platform.
  5. I find the whole process quite slow, frustrating and unreliable. I distribute my referrals via social media, and I've discovered 3 people have signed up via my referrals and it didn't apply credits to my account on IG's end. One person had my referral registered, but required a re-linking my account and theirs. Two other people simply didn't get recognised as using the referral link at all and had to be manually fixed via E-mail. I now have no idea how many of my followers have actually signed up, as IG referral links for me are highly unreliable. The referrals code users have to wait up to 10 business days to get their +$100 USD credit. I also require up to 10 business days waiting period for my credit as well. I cannot for the life of me begin to wonder why such a thing is not automated, and if it is, how it could possibly take 10 business days. Please consider restructuring or improving the Refer-A-Friend program. As someone who heavily uses social media for trading, I am finding no incentive to get another 5 people to sign up as it's tedious, slow and overall unreliable. I would, at this stage, either use a different platform or best case just avoid using the referral program altogether.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Based on the attached screenshot, where would i expect to be able to trade this stock as a CFD instead of purchasing shares? As you can see highlighted, I have the option to buy shares, but i see no option for buying contracts.
  7. I have access to do CFD trading for Forex, commodities etc. When it comes to ASX shares, I seem to only be able to purchase shares and not trade it as a CFD. Is there an option to trade as CFD, is there something I need to do to my account to enable CFD trading of shares?
  8. A few times a day I will come across this issue where under the "Stop guaranteed" section, it will say: pts away min: 195 Normally the guaranteed stop loss requirement is around 6-10 pts away for the major FX pairs. After about 15-30 minutes it randomly decides to fix itself and the minimum drops back down from 190 pts to around 6-8 pts as per normal. Any ideas how to fix this, or if it's something I'm doing that is causing this issue?
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