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  1. Ok thanks - are there any plans to have this on the platform like TOS or Tradestation?
  2. In this link IG says you can trade options on shares: https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading/what-are-options-and-how-do-they-work#assets I can not find this anywhere on the platform. Commodities, FX and Indices are there but not shares.
  3. I have seen IG is now offering options. Is there any good videos how to show you how to use this? I have trade stock options before but the IG platform does not seem to let you trade credit spreads/. Also if you sell an option is it fixed risk or do you need to buy protection? The platform seems to let you sell naked options but is the margin the only amount of money at risk or is it infinity? Not that I am an experienced options trader but I always remember being taught to buy in the money options around a delta 70 if going for a direction trade. This is because there is less time decay. The new platform does not show you this information however . Any advices will be much appreciated.
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