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  1. Zum - How do you get the old platform up. I cant seem to find how to do it??
  2. Correction - it will let me do it if I go by number of shares rather than monetary value. How daft is that
  3. Correction - it will let me do it if I go by number of shares rather than monetary value. How daft is that
  4. I regularly buy and sell shares on the ASX. Being based in the UK this meant placing an order prior to going to bed. If my price was met then my order would action with no problems at all on the old platform. I can no longer do this on the new platform as it returns the message cannot action as market is closed. This means I have to stay up until the ASX opens. Does anyone no a way round this as I have corresponded with the so called 'Help' department several times by email and its like talking to a stone wall, and I just get one sentence answers that do not help at all. Failing that - how do
  5. This is particularly annoying as it has taken me 2-3 years and an expensive course to even get to a trading stradegy that I am happy with and to be making more wins than losses. Now I find that I need to have a huge account so that I can trade how I want to, or hope that I catch a trend similar to what Bit coin was, which I dont think is going to happen soon ? do you. So annoying - europe need to understand that there is a gap between people that play Jackpot Joy bingo all night and professional traders, for the likes of us to fit into, who have invested lots of time and money in losing and le
  6. Thankyou for that. I have set up the Prorealtime platform but wow this is 'busy'. I have set aside time next week to really get into as I am sure there is lots of stuff on it that I dont need, but hopefully stuff that will be useful that I cant get on the IG platform. Thanks for swift response.
  7. Is there any way of setting up the chart so the spread is shown on the chart itself ie two different lines. I had this on other platforms but just getting started with IG platform and got my stop loss triggered by the spread. Most annoying as was a good short trade.
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