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  1. Hello @CharlotteIG Is there any news on when the pricing and trading will go live please? As noted above, there is an expectation that open positions will accurately reflect all price movements since the close of trading on the 14th May. Thank you
  2. Yes - there was a consolidation action of 1 for 1500 of these securities : https://www.sharesmagazine.co.uk/news/market/LSE20210504170819_3963598/GraniteShares-3STS-Reverse-split-Consolidation I've been on chat and on the phone to IG - they've done the consolidation, but still not updated the correct prices, which should of course also rise by ~1,500 on a ceteris paribus basis (all things the same). At the time of writing this, TSLA has dropped a further 2.4% today, so these securities ought to have risen ~ 7.2% (3x short TSLA) on the day. The IG person I spoke with this evening promi
  3. Is there a way to see the final profit / loss on a trade - i.e. all final revenues from sale of shares, minus (original purchase price + all fees)? The only option I can see at the moment is to do this manually, going back through old statements / trade history - but I would have thought this should surely be available on the IG platform? Thanks
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