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  1. Actually, I've found out how to change the chart. Turns out it was already on mid price, so I feel a little cheated now. I still made a little profit, but only because I had a trailing stop.
  2. On my chart the lowest it went was 157.31 but still... You learn something new every day. Thanks! On the one hand, it's gratifying to know that I've been winning trades even as a half-wit, on the other hand, there are trades like this that I lose out on because of being a half-wit. How do I change the chart to mid price rather than ask?
  3. I placed a short trade on AO World, with a limit (take profit) at 158.78. From this below picture it's clear that the price went below my limit, so why is the trade still open when it should have closed on or around (give or take a few points) 158.78? Instead, it's now flown up in the opposite direction and I'm likely to be stopped out at a much lower profit point. What's the point of setting a limit if it's not going to be honoured?
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