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  1. Actually, I've found out how to change the chart. Turns out it was already on mid price, so I feel a little cheated now. I still made a little profit, but only because I had a trailing stop.
  2. On my chart the lowest it went was 157.31 but still... You learn something new every day. Thanks! On the one hand, it's gratifying to know that I've been winning trades even as a half-wit, on the other hand, there are trades like this that I lose out on because of being a half-wit. How do I change the chart to mid price rather than ask?
  3. I placed a short trade on AO World, with a limit (take profit) at 158.78. From this below picture it's clear that the price went below my limit, so why is the trade still open when it should have closed on or around (give or take a few points) 158.78? Instead, it's now flown up in the opposite direction and I'm likely to be stopped out at a much lower profit point. What's the point of setting a limit if it's not going to be honoured?
  4. Hi @Caseynotes. Thanks for that. After a month on the demo platform, I only discovered the forward tab yesterday! Will definitely be entering my trades on the forward chart from now on - if only to see the difference in cost and margin. I suspect I'll be sticking to it - those negative interest and overnight charges, though not huge, are irksome. I realise emotion is not the best reason to do anything when FX trading, but still... Presumably, this will be the same for the live platform too. I think I saw that only some pairs had a forward tab - can't remember which ones. I'm discovering that there are certain things on the demo that I will not get when I go live... like the trailing stop option which I discovered a few weeks into demo trading. I'm still doing trailing stops manually on the demo though, just so that I maintain the habit.
  5. Hi @Caseynotes, thanks for your reply. I'm trading FX (still using in demo mode, but hoping to go live in the next couple of months), and only just realised I was getting charged interest when looking in my history. As I'm also getting interest on positive trades, I wasn't too concerned at first, but it did get me wondering. For my circumstances, it may make more sense for me to place forward trades from now on, as I'm not day trading. Those are some huge spreads though... ? Hope it'll be worth it in the long run (no pun intended because, of course, in the long run, it will be). Here's to longer lasting positions...?
  6. Hi all, I have a few questions regarding spot and forward trades. I know that if you place a spot trade, then you get can charged fees overnight as well as interest, if the trade is going against you. I also know that with forward trades, you have wider margins, so any charges are baked into the pie. However, I was wondering, given that you don't actually know how long a position is likely to stay open for, if there's any advantage to placing forward rather than spot trades? Do any of you only place forward trades? Only spot? Why? Does one work out cheaper than the other and, if so, what determines this? Any feedback/discussion would be much appreciated.