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  1. So for Day Trading this is still no cheaper then, for £50k of APHA its ((549/545) - 1) * £50k = £367 When TradeStation US charges $10 for the same trade its seems using IG for these stocks only makes sense if your Swing Trading.
  2. Yesterday I traded the weeds APHA, CRON, CGC, luckly it went well but I paid £625 in fees, mainly due to the low dollar value of APHA and CRON. How do other people deal with trading low dollar stocks as the cost of the fees mean if you get it wrong you've had it. Or is it just a simple you can't day trade them as the fees make it prohibitive, and just stick to large dollar value stocks only and miss out on the rest?
  3. Great thanks. But I can't seem to find the 'Forward' option:
  4. Looking for some advice. I have money in an american trading account and i want to ensure that these dollars maintain the same pound value over time. i know i need to hedge the pound/dollar somehow. i took a long position in IG for pound/dollar but then realized the costs of keeping this open long term would cost a fortune in overnight fees. IG states to 'To avoid paying overnight funding you might want to open a trade on a future or a forward contract'. I have no idea what this means. Can Anyone advise how i can achieve keeping my dollars the same in pounds.
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