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  1. I will open that and have a read. Thanks for your reply
  2. I do not know if I am in the correct forum for my question; I mean here or Shares and ETF's. I am inexperienced when it comes to the purchase of shares. However, I have made about 20 purchases and am making a little profit. I made these purchases before the newer changes came about some purchasing shares. Since then I have been unable to make a new purchase. Before it was very simple; bring up the company click on the present price and click buy. Now this does not seem available. I have tried calling IG quite a few times but was left waiting; perhaps they were too busy. Can any one let me know how to go about making a purchase? Thanks. Larry
  3. I am unable to open the charts in my share dealing? Can anyone help here? Thanks Larry
  4. Am I too late or is this a good time to buy copper. If so where do I purchase it? Thanks larry breheny
  5. Hi All, I cannot get the chart to open in my spread betting? How can I fix this? Thanks Larry
  6. Thanks very much Trend follower and Caseynotes. Got it sorted thanks to you guys. I clicked on positions then on Indices then on wall street and up popped the Dowjones graph. Kind Regards larry
  7. Yes but when I click on the blue tab all I see is a this is your workplace page? Larry
  8. I understand what you are saying. However, when I open my spread bet account it does not open a workable window? Thanks Larry
  9. Hi Caseynotes, I have placed a few spreads bets already and was able to use the platform. However, I cannot gain access to the platform now? Thanks for your reply Larry
  10. My platform keeps disappearing. How do I open a workable spread bet platform? Thanks larry
  11. Where can I fin/open the beginners tutorial on how to make spread bets?
  12. How do I go about putting my first spread be?. I am totally new to this.