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  1. Thanks JLZ, I am a greenhorn when it comes down to this stuff. Where do I find the exchange opening times to check the selection? Also are the spread bets times for selling different. Strange that IG seems to be closed all the time, I mean the last 20 or so times I went in they were not open larry
  2. Can anyone tell me what are the times that are available/open at IG to purchase shares? Thanks Larry
  3. I am paying approximately 10 euro to purchase and another 10 to sell shares. This seems excessive What are others paying and is there a cheaper way to purchase? Thanks larry
  4. I have been invited to take "up rights" in/with T-Mobile. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks Larry
  5. I have posted several times recently in this Shares section. However, despite the fact that I am signed in I get replies that I am not signed in? Can anyone else help? Thanks larry
  6. I cannot access the older workplace for purchasing shares. I thought the older one was better as it provided more space, more info and easier purchasing ability. Can anyone tell me how to bring it up on my screen? Thanks larry Breheny
  7. T-Mobile seem to have offered shares to people who already own some shares. What do I have to do to get them. Also are they worth buying? Thanks larry Breheny
  8. I will open that and have a read. Thanks for your reply
  9. I do not know if I am in the correct forum for my question; I mean here or Shares and ETF's. I am inexperienced when it comes to the purchase of shares. However, I have made about 20 purchases and am making a little profit. I made these purchases before the newer changes came about some purchasing shares. Since then I have been unable to make a new purchase. Before it was very simple; bring up the company click on the present price and click buy. Now this does not seem available. I have tried calling IG quite a few times but was left waiting; perhaps they were too busy. Can any one let me know how to go about making a purchase? Thanks. Larry
  10. I am unable to open the charts in my share dealing? Can anyone help here? Thanks Larry
  11. Am I too late or is this a good time to buy copper. If so where do I purchase it? Thanks larry breheny
  12. Hi All, I cannot get the chart to open in my spread betting? How can I fix this? Thanks Larry
  13. Thanks very much Trend follower and Caseynotes. Got it sorted thanks to you guys. I clicked on positions then on Indices then on wall street and up popped the Dowjones graph. Kind Regards larry
  14. Yes but when I click on the blue tab all I see is a this is your workplace page? Larry
  15. I understand what you are saying. However, when I open my spread bet account it does not open a workable window? Thanks Larry