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  1. I fully understand FX volume. So lets not discuss that. However, there are many indicators that thrive using the volume. Even if it is not accurate, I believe that spikes during sessions of several hundred percent on the IG market will have a certain value. Volume is the oxygen in the market. So how come IG web interface has volume? How come MT4 has volume? How come PRT has NO volume? At PRT they are sending me over here to ask the question as they tell me you guys are not sharing volume with them. So I'm going to have to ask the question, is it you or is it Prorealtime that is the reason there is no volume in FX markets? Please give me some oxygen!
  2. dmedin... I'd love to trade on TradingView with IG. Please say I can?! Please say so? Unfortunately IG web interface offers nothing in comparison to PRT or MT4. The question is still... as long as I can't trade with TradingView... why doesn't IG solve the issue by at least upgrading to the latest PRT 11? I think I asked this question over 6 months ago... No response. If IG doesn't care about the upgrades - then say so. So, can we have an answer IG? It's quite a simple question.
  3. Does anybody at IG read these forums? Used to be some people who actually participated from IG. Is there no one who knows? I asked the question over 3 weeks ago...And half a year ago as well...No answer.
  4. I can understand delays, yet, as the software is... well... a software and not a physical object you need to touch and rub the right way, I don't quite understand what the holdup is? People are at home - working from home. Software is cloud-based. Just do it? At least, IG should have the courtesy of supplying us with a release date. Or do the people in charge of the project work ad-hoc and make things up as it goes? No serious company has projects running without a deadline or a time estimate. So, without being blunt. Will it ever come? Will it be 1 month? 6 months? 1 year? What is your project timeline? It's only been over one year now since the release...
  5. When is Prorealtime 11 coming on IG? It was released over a year ago. Will IG ever do the tweaks needed? Version 11 offers arrays and many other benefits for coders which version 10.3 lacks. More precisely - what is the hold-up?
  6. Thanks CaseyNotes. I understand that the implementation takes time. I'm quite sure PRT is not used solely for IG out of the two broker accounts, but could probably be used by third party investors running their own show. So some things might have to be checked and fine-tuned. Hopefully this process doesn't take a full year! With Premium - I didn't mean the Premium PRT - but more a Premium Interface... as in professional... Even if I go for the Premium PRT I don't get the FX volume as it comes from the broker house (IG). Regarding FX spot - I agree. I fully understand that the most accurate correlation is not always there. However, since it is listed on the Web interface. Could we pretty please, with cream and cherry on top, have this in PRT? It shouldn't be rocket science to have this function copied. Am I the only one who is interested in FX volume? Its one of the things keeping me away from moving over to IG for Forex trading which is my main trading.
  7. I thought a lot could happen in 3 years. I read the posts... I fully understand Forex volume, OTC etc... and that it would be impossible to show all volume accurately. However, being a big house like IG and depending where they get their feed from, many datafeeds of volume are not too shabby. They give you a good overall understanding what is going on in volume. And volume is a key aspect of trading. Am I not right? Apparently someone decided that volume was good enough to have on IG web application for FX!! Thank you Sir / Madam! But question still remains - Why can't we have it on ProRealTime? I believe the latter is a PREMIUM product for more ADVANCED users who want MORE ? Not less than the web interface gives you!
  8. Dear IG and everyone else, Forex volume in PRT: Volume has been introduced by IG over the years on stocks and even forex in web-app. But I don't get any volume in PRT which is a bit of a deal-breaker so I don't have to juggle multiple accounts when I enjoy IG / PRT. To put it bluntly, where lies the problem? IG or PRT? PRT version 11. New version is out since a few months. Can we expect this anytime soon? Some of the features are very much awaited and I can't wait to get my hands on this. Last update took almost a year to implement on IG if I'm not incorrect. Any timeline on this? Hopefully not THAT long? Thanks
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