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  1. Hi I was with a broker for nearly 2 years and they asked my for the source of my funding, I gave them my bank statement and one other showing my income. The source of my money is savings over my life time and some money given to me by my parents. They wanted pages of bank statements personal account and I thought this was too much info to pass over and in any case I have not got allot of what they wanted. Is this the same with IG or are current bank statement suffice? I don't want to transfer money and then have to go through this again. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. Thank you so much I've stayed away from the CFD account for that reason. Cheers for now David
  3. I phoned IG and the guy said it was £8.00 to open the CFD trade and then £8.00 to close
  4. Hi, I hope someone can help me, I love the IG platform but I'm not sure if a small trader could make a profit with their fees, Id like to start with £1000 is it worth going in with this amount. I am thinking that you may need to a lot more to absorb the fees. Is anyone in my situation, thanks
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