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  1. Thanks... maybe better off using a share dealing account then.
  2. I have a UK stocks and shares ISA account and I mainly use it to buy US stocks. I wonder if it is possible to change the base currency to USD?
  3. As titled. And how can we find out whether IG can deal with negative prices?
  4. I want to find out as well - is there any way to filter for instruments that can be bought with ISA?
  5. Help! Today I tried to place an order on US stocks again and it won't let me. Orders could be created yesterday.
  6. I filled in the form last year. Somehow it says I haven't filled in the form when I looked under my account settings again today. Filled in the form again and it works now. Thanks!
  7. I am trying to invest into a US stock from my ISA account. When I try to make the order I get an error, 'Your order has been rejected.' There is no further information. I understand that some stocks can't be purchased with ISA. For ETFs I understand IG has a "ETF Screener" page which allows us to see which ETFs can't be purchased with ISA. However the same filter doesn't seem to exist on the "Stocks Screener" Page. Is there any page where we can see which stocks can be purchased with an ISA account?
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