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  1. I was hoping to vote at the company AGM. but it appears that this is not possible from the answer you have given as the shares are not registered with the company under my name.
  2. I am fairly new to this, so please excuse my ignorance on the matter. I purchased some shares in FAR Limited in Dec 2018, but did not get any voting papers for the company AGM in May 20019. I now wish to vote in this years AGM, but it appears I am not on the company register. When purchasing shares online through IG, is it IG that registers my purchase on the company shares register?
  3. Yes, it is Aussie stock. Market closed at the moment.
  4. When I click on the drop down arrow by FAR in the 2nd picture, this is what I get. I click on deal ticket to get the first picture option.
  5. I do not appear to be getting the same screen options as you. When I click the drop down arrow by FAR, I get a deal ticket option that brings up this. There is no order selection on the drop down menu.
  6. Can you direct me how to set a stop and loss and what it is fully about. I am new to this and have only done one trade. I have also set a limit order to buy some FAR shares for when the market opens at tomorrow. When I set the order for tomorrow, I was only given the option for a limit day order at one price. There was no stop/loss option
  7. I've got the same question. I've just placed an order before the market opens tomorrow, and was only given the choice of a limit order. There was no option for a min and max price I was prepared to pay. So I just set the one price. Is that right?
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