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  1. Yes, it is Aussie stock. Market closed at the moment.
  2. When I click on the drop down arrow by FAR in the 2nd picture, this is what I get. I click on deal ticket to get the first picture option.
  3. I do not appear to be getting the same screen options as you. When I click the drop down arrow by FAR, I get a deal ticket option that brings up this. There is no order selection on the drop down menu.
  4. Can you direct me how to set a stop and loss and what it is fully about. I am new to this and have only done one trade. I have also set a limit order to buy some FAR shares for when the market opens at tomorrow. When I set the order for tomorrow, I was only given the option for a limit day order at one price. There was no stop/loss option
  5. I've got the same question. I've just placed an order before the market opens tomorrow, and was only given the choice of a limit order. There was no option for a min and max price I was prepared to pay. So I just set the one price. Is that right?