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  1. Dow has snapped back from its early gains today. Two reasons I can see, firstly the price was well within my danger zone posted above, and secondly was the strong H1 diversion formed when the price pushed higher up to 28,160. For me, there is a pretty strong possibility that the Dow Jones peaked today. Still early days, so don't want to sound overly confident, but we should have a pretty good idea by the end of this week. Right now on H1 100sma support, so we'll see if that can send the price back up.
  2. Potentially massive resistance zone has been reached on the Dow, the area between 28,000 - 28,500. If it breaks, then we should see the price move up towards 30,000, but if it holds and falls, then for me this could be the top. I think the remainder of November will give us the answer. Very critical period.
  3. Very strong rejection off of 27,000. Too early to say whether this may be the top, but whatever happens in the short term, US indecis look to be setting up for an enormous fall.
  4. Big potential resistance just above on Dow, the 76.4% @ 26,940. The 76.4% sent the price back up ( see above chart ), so can it send it back down. Loads of resistance around this level, so watching closely.
  5. Dow has just hit the 76.4% Fibonacci, ( see above chart ) and is reacting predicatively. The Weekly 200ema still looks to me like a likely target, so we'll have to see whether the 76.4 can hold the price.
  6. Fib levels for potential support, and weekly Dow chart captured Sept 23rd. As shown, price could return to the Weekly 100sma.
  7. Support looks to be holding for now on today's S3 pivot @ 690
  8. That's gone, but yesterday's low reached.. Further down, the H4 200ema sits on top of today's S2 pivot @ 762
  9. I'm watching around 890 for potential S.
  10. Woa!! Very weal ISM data just sent Dow down almost 100 pips down to the CP support area.
  11. Support so far today my 10m 200ema sitting @ 978 currently. Some weak resistance ( from now on R for resistance and S for support ) 27,045, but momentum up and support looks strong atm, esp from today's central pivot @ 938 up to the 10m 200ema.
  12. Dow moving up. Resistance today so far has been the 30 min 200ema @ 930
  13. Here's one scenario for today, another rejection on H4 200ema support back up to or towards the 100sma before the next leg down. Just a possible scenario, so we'll see. Either way, I think markets are set to go lower.