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  1. @TrendFollower yeah summing it up im basically the same as you... follow trends but when you asked about my plan i taken a bit to seriously and explained the ins an outs of it all to see if someone can find faults an correct me.. 4 to 5 months isn't the amount of time Ive been trading its the amount of time i haven't or/ haven't placed many trades. i also try find the strongest pair but usually stick to the two i mentioned. @Caseynotes that's what i had in mind, but i was thinking there's little liquidity making it less volatile/no movement, i also wasn't sure if other traders are still in it.. so Ive kept watching fx pairs... i might have it mixed up on the volatile/liquidity bit. when it comes to indices they seem to have wide spreads... whats the strategy for entering with that? just go for it even with a wide spread?. @TrendFollower no i don't think it was a strong reason/foundation to start on but i made money with it in the past an just stuck with it up until today thinking i could continue.. it would be a better idea to find something that motivates me which ill be looking at now.
  2. i choose fx because it was basically affordable to start off in, Ive been looking at giving futures ago but still learning everything or not getting any where in the last 4 to 5 months so im not trying to jump the gun. mainly go for eur/usd an aud/usd... main reason is because they seem liquid an easy to identify a trend .. aus / dollar is usually safe for me, i feel like it sticks to its track, an have had good trades from it, as well as the eur/usd though.. i got a plan, im not completely sure how to explain it though.. but i look at higher tfs to identify the overall trend go back to lower tfs an try find a point from where itll run in the same direction.. look at events/news to see if it'll help carry it in that direction.. also use rsi and stochastic, wait for rsi to go below or above 50 to decide a buy or sell, look at stochastic over brought or over sold to see if its heading for my preferred direction... i don't trade heading into supply or demand zones..or support an resistance, and also don't trade if the candles spiked at a somewhat decent distance from the 20/50 ema as i have a sense it could pull back...but going by these last bits really seems like you cant pull anything off. ive been thinking of lower time frames like 30 or 15 mins to see i can catch some a bit faster than waiting for the 4hr or sometimes 1 but haven't worked out a plan for a lower tf yet. whats giving me the shits lately is with like eur/usd .. im not sure if its going to continue up further or reverse an carry on down.. but whats getting to me is the waiting ... and i am patient, but this is seeming long, even looking at directions of other pairs nothing seems to move much and i dont know if its just me sitting around, cause it seems like others on the net are actually trading.. or that im waiting on a to high of a time frame which is whats taking longer even though lower time frames seem to not move as well.. cause its all following the same price. i don't know if that's a decent reply/or along the lines of a decent answer to your question but that's where im at.. if i explained it correctly to catch any understanding from it.
  3. can someone give some insight on whats happening when it comes to fx.. for a while now it all seems like its barely moving so i only put a quick scalp in once a week or so an that's basically it. but it seems like everyone sees it as normal, continuing to talk about trade ideas.. how often are fx/futures traders trading?.. as im feeling like i cant catch much opportunities.. if anyone has some tips it'll be appreciated. i usually trade London session on 1 to 4hr time frames.. usually in slow times i just don't trade but its seeming like this for a while now, Ive been relearning stuff but it just feels like im going in circles catching things i learnt a few years back and im not completely sure if its relevant to the current situation. i also understand about the signing of the trade deal recently/...this week an how coming into big events or recently the end of the year has markets slowing down but what about other times?
  4. What does everyone do when it comes to placing a trade and the charts ain't running in correlation with each other... for example if im trading an fx pair i look at the chart before say D1 then come back to the H4 chart, but what do yous do when when the d1 is showing oversold/about to make its way up while the h4 charts about to make it's way down... normally with the h4 if the day charts moving up and the h4 is already up it'll stay up or have a slight drop and move back up and to make it more annoying it'll probably be a down trend so if you buy it's gonna be short lived..out of this you could say go long as the day charts moving up.. but I'm not really a day chart person and because of this i find myself stuck on a place to enter and if they're playing games like this i just end up sitting on the sidelines and not trading, what do yous do in this situation?