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  1. I have rang, emailed and even logged a help desk request INC0508199 but nobody interested it seems, so I am putting my problem to the forum. I am attempting to buy my first trade on the share platform and the TFN input box comes up as expected. When I enter my TFN in the field the error message "Invalid TFN" appears. The Number is correct but comes back as invalid. Has anyone had this problem before?
  2. If you want DMA on ASX stocks that are now delayed 20min (new function) it is $82 Month and no "Trade rebate" as displayed on "My Account - Data Feeds" Level 2 access. That is the way I read it. I would love to be corrected but that the way it read for me (SMSF).
  3. Am I right in saying the DMA now cost me $1,000/yr to trade on many stocks without the ability to even get a "trade count" rebate. I could not even get my selected trade at the close auction (CIM), which is a $13Billion plus MC. This stuffed up my trading for the day. It may be a case of pay $1000 for the use of IG or go somewhere else.
  4. Must be a error. I have 150% margins on some positions. And I am getting nasty emails from IG that they are going to close all my positions. Mods tell us what is going on, There is no information on your website of margin increases and existing information still has old margins.
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