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  1. Hello, On the previous IG platform there was a tab within the top horizontal tool bar that included a folder entitled "Market Data". The "Market Data" folder would provide the principal UK share risers and share fallers in percentage terms and in volume terms. I am unable to locate this function on the new platform which appeared today. I would welcome your advice on how to find the equivalent function "Market Data" on the new platform. Thank you in anticipation.
  2. Hello, I am wondering:- (i) if the "Level 2" facility with IG is similar to that of ADVFN. For example, does the IG facility provide live individual buy/sell transactions showing the size of each such transaction. (ii) if the facility reverts to zero charge if a given number of trades are dealt each month. Further to the above, if possible, I would welcome any additional insight commentary regarding IG's "Level 2" facility and whether or not it may be advisable to use a standalone service, such as ADVFN, that is separate from the trading platform. Thanks in advance. 21 March 2019