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  1. Hi, I did fair amount of reading and googling on EPT, ETF and understand that for short time investment it is a great opportunity to triple your gains as well the losses. What I'm struggling to understand is why 3xETP silver price barely moves when spot silver nearing to April month ATH. This is happening right now and although I know that "humble 5% " ETP/ETF share price always moves against the favor of the buyer and it is kind of OK and accepted, I see much much bigger price difference on my account. I took some time and traced/ marked price on spot silver and ETP during recant three buy's
  2. Simple price comparison "SPOT SILVER" on 30Jan 2019, 20th Feb 2019 - both dates highest price reached 10th of July 2018 level. "BOOST SILVER 3x Leverage ETP" during 30th Jan and 20 Feb felt to rise by 7percent compared to its own price, recorded on 10th July 2018and this is a huge difference if you multiply this by 3 = that is 21% . So it is obvious that the actual silver price was NOT followed - Probably it was some sort of corp action... Then why?
  3. Hi there. I'm new here so have a question about BOOST SILVER 3X LEVERAGE DAILY ETP. I see a huge index position drop against the historical and actual Silver price index... Something this ETP suppose to follow and reflect, or I am wrong in thinking so and expecting this? Thanks in advance. M
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