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  1. “In France, the government caved to pressure from a doctor who ran his own very small and rapid trial of the drug combined with an antibiotic in 26 people, using methodology that has been seriously criticised. Dr Didier Raoult, a professor of infectious diseases who works at La Timone hospital in Marseille, then declared in a video on YouTube that chloroquine was a cure for Covid-19 and should be used immediately.“ You can hardly call a trial with 26 people statistically significant considering 660k confirmed cases worldwide thus far and 30k deaths.
  2. The study/studies are treating the pneumonia. Antibiotics and DMARDS (and moreover statins, ace inhibitors, metformin as quoted in the study) have no place in treating a virus.
  3. @RobIre I have the same issue, trying to add an ISA account no button on platform either on Mac/google chrome or safari. I’ve asked support, same, useless, repetitive and no progress. Maybe @CharlotteIG can look into and help with a resolution.
  4. @CharlotteIG can you clarify the dates on Wall Street dividends. An adjustment is quoted for the 26th and 28th November, yet an adjustment was made today on the 27th when nothing is diarised on the spreadsheet.
  5. @dmedin @TrendFollower I thought it was my internet until I saw this, both android, iOS and web platform were lagging.
  6. @Nick626 probably because less liquidity in all the markets over the weekend, spreads increase as do stop losses. @Caseynotes will be more knowledgeable on this.
  7. @Dean111 I assume you mean Apple? Press on the “i” on the deal ticket tab it will tell you margin factor/requirements. e.g £1 (per point) x 21826 (ask price) x 20% (margin factor) = £4365.2 margin required.
  8. @Caseynotes why you thinking of going bullish on Edam and shorting cotton/silk?😁
  9. Market noise unless @Caseynotes you’re a cheese consumer or sleep buff 😜
  10. @Theo IG process the dividend adjustment as soon as the market closes. I.e 9pm. If you do not want to incur the adjustment you need to close before the clock strikes. If you're long they will add a percentage and if you’re short they will deduct the percentage.
  11. I am still new to all this considering I’ve not been trading even a year (part-time). But I understand where your frustration and pessimism comes from. IG is a business, all businesses care for is their profit margin. No one on the internet and especially other traders are not your friends. I started trading only one specific stock, one that I had been researching and investing in for years and I stuck with this until I learned more about technical analysis. This despite phone calls and emails from IG asking me whether I’d considered trading ‘other assets’. They still send me “news” emails, but I glance and move on. I’m not about to trade my hard earned wage on something unfamiliar to me, I know nothing about forex, so I stay out. I only trade one thing at a time. I’ve seen your posts on Greggs, Boeing etc, but by the time this news is in the public domain, the big players have cashed out. Of course jump on for the ride if another 737 crashes etc, but in the interim stick with what you know and you’ll profit consistently.
  12. @dmedin I’ve glanced over some of the signals, but never paid attention or a trade based on their analysis as often it has been incorrect. Like Reuters news it has tendency to change as the day goes on.
  13. I’d like to know the answer to this too, since it’s not a US holiday and normal Friday trading???
  14. What is the spread on Bitcoin? On my spread betting it’s 50, but looking at the other topic (crypto 10) and from forum replies it’s supposed to be lower. Why is there a discrepancy? @JamesIG
  15. How do I edit a post in Mac? I noticed my spelling mistake.