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  1. I managed to close mine by setting limit price targets. What a mess. I’ll be changing platforms.
  2. And why can't I close my shorts when they are in profit?! IG this is looking highly suspicious, and "copy and paste" support responses regarding UK retail client legislation isn't helpful. Please do better.
  3. I understand the FCA legislation regarding crypto, but I'm based in Australia not the UK and unable to open new positions. More concerning, I'm unable to close short positions. Please can you advice what is going on?
  4. Thanks for this, I thought I had force open selected but can't confirm it now the trade is in the past and already executed. I also had a trade execute which wasn't showing in my "working orders". I did place the trade but as it wasn't showing, I didn't think it went through so didn't cancel it when the trend went the other way. Does anyone else have this issues or do I just have IG gremlins?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to open trades in both long and short positions, selecting force open. I opened 3 trades all the same way, one opened a short position while the other two closed some of my long positions instead. Can anyone help me work out what I'm doing wrong? I don't get the same outcome in my demo account? Thanks Cat
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