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  1. Hey all, Just bought some Alphabet Class A (GOOGL) shares. I was wondering if IG is able to swap those to Class C (GOOG) shares? Cheers
  2. Hello, We know Altimeter took GRAB pubic via a SPAC. On IG, two tickers comes up. AGC with substantially more volume and GRABW. Ive seen sources online that GRABW is going to 'expire' sometime Dec 1, 2026? Can someone confirm which ticker is the actual Grab company? Cheers
  3. Yes, same here. Seem to be unable to buy US ETFs. IG has got standards before one can jump on US ETFs. Something to do with being a professional trader first. https://www.ig.com/au/professional-trading Any advice on how else to get onto US ETFs from Australia? Maybe another broker perhaps?
  4. Hey all, any recommendations on alternatives if i'm looking for US ETFs? I am not a Professional Trader on IG and thus, don't have access to them on my platform. How does one purchase US ETFs? And whats stopping us from doing so? -Australia. Thanks!
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