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  1. I have been complaining for months about the spikes on the daily charts. This is unbelievably unreliable for a company like IG. Charts are critical to assessing whether or not to trade and this is making it impossible to accurately assess a stock on your platform. Its even happening on large caps like Apple. Anyone had any more news on what is happing here?
  2. Hi TimP, This is not a Flash issue - its been going on for the last year if you look at my complaints history you will see that I have had conversations with your tech people ad nauseum... Its mainly on the Share dealing side of things. Feel free to call me if you like... Have a broken arm at the moment and typing is laborious.
  3. Thanks but I dont like Chrome for a variety of reasons. Safari used to work fine....IG need to sort it out.
  4. I am reporting Charing issues on almost a daily basis on safari on my macs for primarily the share trading account and keep getting told that you are reporting this to your developers. This has been going on for months now amongst other issues. It seems that there is not a serious effort to address this and frankly if it isn't addressed soon I will be more bing my positions to Saxo.