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  1. Hi - is it possible for a user to change the start time of the 4 hour candles? So currently these run from 00:00; 04:00; 08:00 etc. I'm looking to use times in the following sequence; 02:00; 06:00;10:00.
  2. Hi All - no need to reply. Can see how to do this now.
  3. Hi - is it possible to set up an indicator when the price crosses the 10 EMA indicator?
  4. Hi - is there a specific time that the June contract expires today?
  5. Thank you for the prompt reply. Sorry, should have said, if in my example, the GTC sell order is not triggered at 18941, but the price moves beyond the stop loss at 19000, then the fact that the price has moved beyond the stop loss would not also trigger the GTC ?
  6. Hi - can i just check my understanding here...if i place a GTC order to sell on a specific forex pair at 18941 with a stop loss at 19000 and the price goes up and beyond 19000, then the GTC is not triggered? It will only trigger at my sell (or buy) price? New to trading and not used orders previously : )
  7. Hi - i'm looking to understand whether it is possible to place x2 stop order's at the same time, which if the first is filled then the second auto cancels. I'm trading intra-day and often see where the price level remains within a small range for a period of time and then breaks to the upside or downside.
  8. Hi - is it possible to display more than one market on the same screen at the same time? And therefore, to be able to place bets on x2 different markets at the same time. I was thinking about correlated markets e.g. GBP JPY and GBP USD
  9. Hi - is it possible to add an alerts when these SMA's cross?
  10. Hopefully the attachment will add some clarity...I've set up a daily and 1hr screen on top of each other. On the 1 hr chart my cursor is showing that the horizontal line is saying a price of 6672.9. This is not showing on the daily chart, which suggests that they are not directly synched.
  11. Thanks for the prompt response. What i was also looking for was having done this, if I then move my cursor so the price changes on the right hand vertical axis of the upper chart or lower chart (I've set up an 1 hour and 4 hour on top of each other), then the cursor/price does not show on the second chart, so they are not synchronised. Is this possible?
  12. Hi - is it possible to sync activities on multiple charts? For example, I like to look at charts for different time periods, one on top of each other (e.g. 1 hour, 4 hour and 1 day chart) and then add indicators which appear on all charts? Thanks
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