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  1. I’ve been trading for a few years not as a professional but just as a hobby. I think trading is a lot about luck, the harder you learn and practise trading the luckier you get, would you agree?
  2. Thank you all that have answered this question. The reason I asked this question is simple I really enjoy watching the share prices, indexes and how they move so quickly. It's really fascinating I have tried and flopped at spread betting made a big loss on Forex but it was money I could afford to lose and I learn't a tremendous amount from that mistake. My apologies I can't see any options here for responding to individual comments but I am really very very grateful indeed to you all for responding to my question. I guess the point is to to make money but what worries me or rather concerns me most about trading is this quote... Be careful of what you want in life, because what you become when you get what you want is far more important and valuable than what you get. I have met a three day traders at my gym they all look quite serious and sad, in another gym I have met mini cab drivers and they are always so happy and cheerful. I don't know if it's the stress of trading or not but the three people I mention all make money day trading but I have never seen them look happy even in a Jacquzzi! So if it can lead to unhappiness in life albeit by making one serious, than what's the point of making money doing it? It would be great to hear your views on the emotional aspect of trading, does it change your personality? Thank you!
  3. I've heard that when you make money spread betting or trading it's not yours to keep because sooner or later you will it give it all back to the market (just like in a Casino), it's very hard to walk away with all your profit. Is this true? and if so what's the point?
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