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  1. Hi, I finally managed to take up the allotted offer shares available to me; however, now that I can see them in my listed trading positions I cannot sell them if I wanted to. Again, IG seem to be well behind other trading platforms for making these available to deal. My friends have trading accounts in 3 other different platforms and all have them available to deal. Reading from the forums some people had them to deal the next day after the offer was made (7th July). How can this be right? I have watched the share price drop from 142 to 127 whilst some people could sell the offer shares at 142. If the price had completely dropped on the 8th July I would have lost a fortune. I contacted IG who came back with a one sentence response stating they will be available on Monday (today) at the earliest. Not very reassuring. Why are they the last trading platform to make these available? Not good enough.
  2. Hi Steve, I am experiencing the same problem. Due an offer on another companies shares and no information given. I have posted the same question as you, tried ringing several times with no answer and I know colleagues who have received there offer on different share platforms up to a week earlier so far. Very frustrating. I will be leaving IG if the offer does not come through before the cut off date which is 5 days.
  3. Hi, De La Rue announced they are offering a large number of shares at a discount price to people who held shares in the company on 17th June 8:00am. I have received no notification of this offer in my IG account whereas I know other people who have a different share dealing accounts with other firms have already received theirs. Please can anyone let me know when this will be made available and how it is notified within the share holding account?
  4. Hi, I bought a number of shares in an AIM listed company today. Once the order was placed I set a Sell 'Limit-Day Order' (as this was the only order available during trading hours) to sell at a significantly lower value that I bought the shares at to protect myself from any major falls in prices during the day. The lower value I set the order at was never reached but I found that my shares had sold at a higher price than I bought them for during the day. This was annoying as the shares had risen by quite a margin and look as though they will carry on in that direction but I will now have to buy them again at a higher price and spent an extra16 pounds in the transactions. I rang IG who told me this was normal for the AIM companies if a Limit-Day order is set but I didn't understand the reasoning. Why were they sold at a higher price when no order was placed to sell them at that price? Please help so I don't make the same mistake again. Thanks.
  5. I have bought 100 shares in a company. I have set 2 ‘sell’ orders. One is a ‘stop’ sell order at a lower price to protect against significant losses and the other one is ‘limit’ sell order at a higher price that I would be happy to sell at for a reasonable profit. For some reason I can only put a quantity of 50 shares in for each order rather than the full quantity of 100. Is there a reason for this as only one of the orders will be reached at a single point? Not sure if I am missing something or if I have set my orders incorrectly somehow. Thanks.
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