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  1. I am asking about maximums, especially during 5pm est, not where the live spread is, you can't practically monitor spreads by glancing at live data. Obviously these things vary by liquidity etc., and some brokers cap maximum spreads during 5pm EST on some pairs, even if they are not capped, there are often consistent maximums, so this data is extremely important. I assume by the lack of replies IG does not publish historical spread data at all, like e.g, Oanda does (https://www1.oanda.com/forex-trading/markets/recent), and Saxobank does (https://www.home.saxo/nb-no/rates-and-conditions/forex/classic-historical-fx-spreads). If that is the case, is there some spread monitor tool that can be used on the desktop or web platform? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I am trying to see what the maximum spreads are on forex CFDs, but haven't found that information on any IG website yet. I can find e.g. minimum spread, but the arguably most important is the maximum during e.g. 5pm EST etc. From my demo account I have seen some pairs spike to 35, or even 50-60, but is there not a chart/overview of historical spreads somewhere? Regards.
  3. I am currently doing some testing of the web platform and have some questions: 1: Charts in one workspace reset time to weekly if I change to a different workplace. Is there a way to disable that effect? Obviously I want the candles and charts to stay at the area and in the timeframe I left them (this kind of unwanted reset also happens every logout-login). 2: If it is impossible to avoid that timeframe change with workspace switching, I notice there is a specific option to open a workspace in different browser tabs. Can having different browser tabs for different workspaces on the same account cause any problems with sync, security etc., or is it intended to work that way (I have had problems with that on other platforms in the past)? Same workspace across 2 different tabs do not update changes automatically on both, not sure what would happen... 3: Each chart in a workspace can be split, but is there a way to display different assets/pairs/CFDs etc. in each such window? It seems I can only split the same asset/pair etc. into different timeframes, but not add e.g. EUR/USD & EUR/GBP in one split chart? 4: Is there a targeted zoom function, or just the in-out buttons? While using zoom in/out with a mouse scroll wheel, is there a way to enable/disable a kind of 'maintain chart position'? (default is obviously not maintaining) 5: Movement on the web chart seems to have 2 'modes': sometimes it allows me to move freely as I click a random area and move the cursor around, but other times it will only move strictly horizontally or strictly vertically, even though I am seemingly doing exactly the same movement with my mouse. Is that an intentional difference that can be triggered, or a glitch? 6: When trying to click on the time or price scales, to compress or stretch the price and time, how it responds seems to depend on how far/close you are to the center/top/bottom/edges. Is there a way to make that response consistent, i.e. when clicking the price or time line and moving the cursor up/down it will always respond in the same way? 7: Is there a separate risk/reward tool that can be placed on the chart, independently of the buy/sell menu? 8: Can the toolbar be customized? 9: Can the chart background color be chosen, aside from just light mode vs dark mode? Can the 'price line' / last value line color be chosen? 10: Is there a built-in screenshot tool? Thanks.
  4. I know there are calculators for that, but why would the platform not allow to display that? Why would I want to see the losses in e.g. JPY when we are dealing with non-deliverables? It being a 'doddle' is quite an attitude towards users, when many other platforms I have tried, even worse ones overall, do display the losses in the account currency, which is obviously the logical choice. Any serious trader will vary quantity to suit a risk % because the pip SL placement varies in every single trade. If you need a separate calculator this introduces valuable time and possible error in every single trade you make, that is something to improve, not tell users to go somewhere else for what is a very basic function. It even exists already just isn't displayed when actually useful. You even see the margin used converted from account currency to pair currency, obviously I want to have the equivalent for SL / TP displayed just above margin. If margin was displayed in e.g. AUD, NZD or whatever I suppose you would just tell people to go find a calculator for that too? Prorealtime did work today, any idea what error code 1003 was? Here is the screenshot I wanted to take yesterday, as you can see it is a very simple thing to add, but the rest of the order placement system in prorealtime seems much clumsier than web: I suppose there is no way to get the 'full' order menu to display the $ / NOK as well:
  5. I have recently started a demo account, but over the last 1-2 days I have been logged out a couple times, seemingly for no reason, just running the web platform normally in a tab. I have seen a similar post to this in the forums, where it was suggested that there was an inactivity limit. I can't find that in the new web platform, the old one is set to 12 hours, and far less time than that passed between the 'logouts'. I don't have any mobile version at all that could have caused some problem with an attempted additional login. Is there some inactivity setting for the 'new' web platform that I am not finding? Otherwise this is a quite disturbing glitch, just finding yourself kicked out to the default ig group website when expecting to see your web platform workspace...
  6. I am wondering if you can get the web platform to display the potential losses and profits for an order in my account currency, for the SL and TP at a specified pip. By default it displays it in the right-hand-side of the pair as you can see on the chart here for EURUSD (my account currency is set to Norwegian Krone (NOK): This is especially strange to me since the (seemingly older) Prorealtime platform does partly display that, albeit somewhat obscured; hovering the upper-right corner you can see not only the losses referencing the pair, but also a NOK value, appearing as e.g. $100 (kr 991). I couldn't take a screenshot because I get an error code (1003) when trying to launch while writing this post (market close the reason?). Even in the web menu above, you can see the Margin required field show kr 16324,24, but also a USD conversion displayed automatically just below it. Why would you then not display the kr conversion from $ for the numbers under SL and TP? There seems to be no way to customize the order so that the quantity automatically adjusts to a predefined risk %, e.g. if I want to limit my risk to x% of my total account size per trade, so that the quantity adjusts according to where I place my SL... This means I have to calculate separately or fill in the number of contracts so that the specified SL pip approximates x%, but on the web platform it still will not show me a converted number for the potential loss, to my account currency, creating yet another unnecessary step. Is it possible to have the margin required for the potential ordered displayed as a percentage? That would obviously be far more convenient.
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