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  1. Thank you Charlotte, I would still be interested to know where your prices come from please. If your pricing is legitimate, I just want to understanding/see the data used for IG to quote a price of over 1.192 thank you
  2. Hello Charlotte, Thank you for your response. As I am assuming you are an IG employee, I would be grateful if you could provide a list of your price providers, and if possible the price each one was quoting at the time. The movement seems strange based on the sites I have looked at. This is not the first time I have experienced strange spike movements Does the IG platform use an automated algorithm to create its prices or is there human intervention? thank you
  3. Sorry, don’t know how to do a screen shot and put on the community, but I’m assuming the movement I am questioning would jump out at you if you don’t mind looking at a standard IG GPB/EUR chart for the last few hours. Thank you for taking an interest in my query, and for anything you can advise
  4. In the last hour or so had a GBP/EUR trade stopped out because the rate suddenly spiked to circa 1.192, and then reversed almost instantaneously. I have looked at other currency sites to verify this, but can’t see any similar movement’s. Can anyone recommend a way / independent site for me to verify this, or is something IG did to stop people out
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