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  1. I want to be able to Increase The £25k limit when placing order to buy up to £60k
  2. I have sold all my ISA shares with my previous broker and I want to transfer the cash to IG. Which would be the best way to do it? I now have an open ISA account with IG
  3. Hi Guys I make frequent trades over £25,000, often daily, but I have to do it in two purchases. There is no problem with selling. I have tried phoning the helpline but but I was told it was not possible to make share purchases over £25,000 Is there t any way that one can can make purchases over £25,000 in one transaction?. I am a fugitive from another well-known company where I was a very satisfied client until they added a 20 minute time out feature. I still have my ISA account with them which I want to move to IG, but again, I would need to be able to to trade over £25,000. Thanks for reading. RegRow
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