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  1. Dear Community, I was wondering whether anyone can help/advise on how to apply the correct interest payments to a trade it is associated too when downloaded to Excel? If you have multiple overnight or weekend trades open in various markets over a long period of time and interest is applied to them, the Reference field does not have enough information to help tie it to a trade it is associated too. You have to manually create a field and enter your own reference which sometimes can be wrong especially if you haven't kept on top of it for a while. Happy to clarify questions further if my question is not clear. Thank you for any help/advice in advance. Rgds, AR_Newbie2020
  2. Dear Community/IG Support Team, I was wondering whether I can get info somewhere of the maximum number of days a trade can be left open in any given market sector? Assuming all other parameters are met in order to keep a trade open without IG automatically closing out a position. Thanks and Rgds, AR_Newbie2020
  3. Dear IG Community, Wondering if anyone else has had this issue or can help advise? I am new to this platform and trading in general therefore my apologies if I use incorrect terms. I am currently in Demo mode as I prepare to Go Live. I opened a trade today and set a Stop/Take Profit level which was hit but my trade did not close automatically. Luckily, I was logged in and noticed to close out the trade manually. This is the second time I have noticed this. I have already raised a query regarding this observation a few weeks ago and am still awaiting for an acknowledgement and a response from the IG Customer Service team so I thought I might try my luck on this forum. Todays Trade details : High Grade Copper Stop Level Set : 21888.0 - did not close automatically High Price Level Hit at 1532hrs of 21931.1 - the, in my opinion, trade should have closed automatically. I am currently in Demo mode as I prepare to Go Live but this issue has now occurred twice for me and makes me nervous about investing in the company/system. Thank you in advance for any responses.
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