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  1. I do not know, if you do know, then please let me know. IG trading customer service is unfortunately deteriorating drastically, they do not respond to specific email questions like the above . they only send back a generic email. Needless to say they do not respond to phone calls either. Among other things : Corporate actions (stocks splits ...etc.) are not incorporated to the platform, this generate wrong PnLs I cannot find certain UCITS ETFs on IG platform E.g. IE00BK5BC677 . This is strange.
  2. Hi I would like to trade a few ETFs (possibly within my ISA account or share dealing account) , the IG platform shows an error message: Instrument not tax wrapper enabled, Sorry this instrument is not available to trade on the tax wrapper associated to your account. Example of ETFs I cannot trade by ISIN code: US69374H7668 - US69374H7411 - US47103U4076 - US3015057074 -US26924G8050-US33734X8469 - US33737K2050 Is there a way to trade these ? Thank you, I
  3. Can anyone help me understand why I cannot trade REM.P (iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF) via ISA and/or share dealing? I get an error message : This is a complicated instrument and is currently not eligible to be traded on your account. Thanks, Izem
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