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  1. I spent Friday re-adding the stop losses and today when I have gone onto the new platform all my working orders were once again set to -NaN. I followed alex9686 and just re-entered the values manually and they seem to have set. But its very worrying that it keeps deleting the quantities on my working orders and makes we worry that the stop losses are totally useless and can't be relied on? Can anyone from IG offer some advice please.
  2. I’ve got this same issue, how did you resolve it? After 3 days of asking IG support the best they could suggest is deleting all my working orders and trying again (‘they had to delete them cause the platform wouldn’t let me).
  3. How do you open an account on IG for a Limited company as apposed to an individual?
  4. Gave up after 1h 15m. Better luck next time.
  5. Trying again.... Hopefully 3rd time lucky. Currently been holding 56 mins.
  6. I've been trying to call IG to setup a new account and was on hold this afternoon for 45 mins and then tonight at 1:00am i've been on now for 30 mins and no one is picking up. Is this normal? Whats the best way to speak to someone at IG?
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