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  1. You are not the only one. I am on the ProRealTime Platform. I trade the South African cash 40. On the demo account everything was fine i could adjust my stops and limits and my orders would not be rejected. For example if i wanted to risk R500(rands) of which that R500 would be 100points away from my entry same as my limit. But on the live account firstly my orders get rejected on my laptop and with my smartphone i am able to enter and adjust my stoploss but only when the position is open and the R500 that i want to risk is way too close to my entry. So i do not understand is there something i am doing wrong or what?
  2. You are not the only one , I face problems too with buying and selling. Every order of mine is rejected or if i enter using my smart phone my stop loss is closer to my entry and when i adjust to the money i want to risk its still too close. But in the demo account the money i want to risk is further away from my entry giving it some room to breath. So i do not understand what could be the problem.
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